Meet the Hamsters! by Isabella

Isabella has two hamsters she had gotten for her birthday. Her littler sister then got Buttercream for her birthday.


-They nibble gently on your fingers.

-Sometimes you can see their cute little mouths as they’re nibbling.

-They have the cutest little smushed ears.


-Rubbing their fur on your cheek is like the coziest blanket on Earth.

-They make the CUTEST nibbling sounds when eating which you can listen to here:

Check out this super cute hamster and his chewing noises:

Fun Facts:

-Hamsters are nocturnal.

-Two male hamsters cannot be in the same cage or they will kill each other. They may be cute but they can be ferocious.

The author in her yard

Published by Candice

Hi, I’m Candice and I am so happy and honored to have you visit my site. I am a homeschooling mom with an MS in Education with fifteen years of experience in public and private school settings in NYC in addition to homeschooling my children the last 7 years. I love helping families to find what works best for their family in a home education environment. Homeschooling is limitless and your children and family can learn and grow together in whatever configuration you can imagine. I would be honored to help your family on that journey.

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