How To Do The Coffee Grinder by Mateo

Do you like to dance??

Dancing on the mountaintop

I LOVE to dance!! You can see some of my dance videos here:

Of course you do! How do I know that?

Am I psychic? Maybe! Ha, kidding. I’m not. Everyone likes to dance. Duh!

So you already like to dance and that’s the first step to doing the coffee grinder. The second step is to watch both of my dance videos. In the first video, I will show you the “what” of the coffee grinder and show you just how cool this dance move is and no you won’t have to touch your mom’s coffee. In the second video, I’m going to break down the moves one by one that make up the coffee grinder. Have fun!!

What is The Coffee Grinder?

“What” is the Coffee Grinder?

How to Do The Coffee Grinder

How To Do The Coffee Grinder

Published by Candice

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