How to Build a Bird Feeder By Aria

Start with a pine cone

Winter is the perfect time to build a bird feeder. Birds will flock to your feeder since seeds in the wild are harder to find.

What You Will Need:

Pinecones, string/yarn or twine, sun butter or a nut butter, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, a teaspoon, parchment paper and baking sheet


First Step is to find a pinecone. Once you have a nicely sized pinecone you can take it home for one of your parents to help you prepare it. Place the pinecone/s on parchment paper and bake on a baking sheet for 30 minutes at 250-300 degrees. Baking the pinecone, opens up all of the petals and removes all of the waxy gunk inside of it. It also makes your house smell really good.

Tie your string around the top of the pinecone BEFORE adding sunbutter. I learned this the way you think I did.

Next, take your teaspoon and use it to clump sunbutter all over the pinecone.

“It doesn’t need to be perfect. When it’s not perfect that means it’s unique. It’s better to be unique”

Now, it’s time to choose a place to hang your bird feeder. I hung mine outside my bedroom window so that I can watch the birds from my window.

This is how I clump on a lot of seeds.

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