How to Zig-Zag on a Skateboard by Aria

Do you want to learn how to ride your skateboard in a zig-zag?

Do you want to be able to control the direction your skateboard is traveling in?

Great! I love to zig-zag down the street on my skateboard.

Supplies: Skateboard, helmet

Optional: Knee, elbow and wrist pads

Procedure: You can start here by reading the steps and then watching my, “How to Zig-Zag” video. If you are a little bit unsure, then rewatch, “How to Ride a Skateboard” and “How to Stop on a Skateboard.”

You can watch me explain and ride my skateboard in a zig-zag

First step, get on your board as you normally would. Line up your foot along with the four front and rear screws on the top of the board.

After that, once you are on your board, use your back leg to push off begin to ride forward. Bring both feet onto the board and then move your toes to move forward on the board. They should be hanging just off the board.

Next, move your toes by either bending your knees and shifting or with a little jump like I do to move back to your heels. Your heels should now be lined up together and slightly off of your board.

Alternating between your toes and your heels is what will propel you into a zig zag motion or let you move from one side of the street to the other.

You’re ready to ride!!

Published by Candice

Hi, I’m Candice and I am so happy and honored to have you visit my site. I am a homeschooling mom with an MS in Education with fifteen years of experience in public and private school settings in NYC in addition to homeschooling my children the last 7 years. I love helping families to find what works best for their family in a home education environment. Homeschooling is limitless and your children and family can learn and grow together in whatever configuration you can imagine. I would be honored to help your family on that journey.

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