Eastern Grey Kangaroos by Isabella

Eastern Grey kangaroos are found on the eastern side of Australia. They are marsupials which means that they carry their young in their pouch. A bunch of kangaroos together is called a mob. They are really adaptable and love eating grass.

A lot of people say there are too many of them but I disagree.

The Eastern Grey Kangaroo is also be called “Macropus giganteus” which means gigantic or large foot. When Sheilas are close to males, the males will fight for attention. The males use their strong tails to balance and their big feet to kick the other male.

The female Greys take care of the babies, also known as joeys. Joeys are born the size of jelly beans. Sometimes they can be looking after three joey all at once. The Joey has to climb it’s mother’s belly.    

Family Name :


Fun Facts:

Life span: 10 years 

Speed: 35 miles an hour 

They can jump 25 feet

Girl kangaroos are called sheilas

The Author

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