Italian Bees by Aria

Surrounded by new friends: Italian Bees

Did you know that NOT all bees sting? That’s because not all bees have stingers, like the Italian Bee.

A beekeeper friend found this nest of Italian Bees for my family to care for.

Did you know that bees have nationalities just like people? So guess where the Italian Bee is from? Nope, not Canada, duh. Italy but has been living in the United States since WW2.

Italian honeybees are gentle, calm bees and very adaptable. However, they do best in warmer climates and can sometimes overproduce and not have enough honey and pollen to last a long winter.

Interesting honeybee facts:

Honeybees are huge pollinators and help plants grow flowers, fruits and vegetables. We need bees to survive and have healthy food.

There are three types of bees: the queen, the workers and the drones. There is only one queen and the others are there to serve her. Her main job is to lay eggs to create the next generation of bees. Worker bees are always female and always working. They clean and protect the hive, build and rebuild the hive, forage for pollen and nectar and make sure everything gets done. The drones are the males and their job is to mate with the queen during spring and summer.

Italian Bees: the gentler, kinder bee

You can listen to me talk about Italian Bees here:

No Stingers!

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