Do you NEED a chicken? by Aria

Are you a kid?

Do you like fun?

Do you like animals that are loyal, playful and like to watch your favorite shows with you? Of course you do!

I like to watch The Next Step about dance with mine.

Then, you NEED a chicken.

You can here me explain why you need a chicken here

All kids need a chicken. They are great loyal pets and they are SO adorable.

Chickens will keep you company and they’re fun. In warm weather, I love to go down the slide with mine. I just put one on my lap and we ride down together. They love the breeze. If you have a small baby slide that isn’t too steep then you can help them go down themselves. They’ll play with you in the grass or perch on your shoulder while you read them a book.

Sledding in winter is awesome

In the winter time, you can take your chicken sledding on a baby/toddler sled. Chickens only like to sled on flat surfaces. Do not take them down a hill which can be dangerous. Just make sure that you go very slowly and then get them warm right after. If it’s too cold to play outside, they can join you as you watch a family movie or make your favorite show even better.


Hey, this is my coop!

A coop and a run (which can be store bought or make it yourself), chicken and chick feed, perches for sleeping (you can use found sticks), food and water dishes, pine shavings for the bottom of the coop, and a heat plate

Many people think you should use a heat lamp but they can be dangerous and set your house on fire. I don’t like them and use a heat plate to incubate my chicks.

Published by Candice

Hi, I’m Candice and I am so happy and honored to have you visit my site. I am a homeschooling mom with an MS in Education with fifteen years of experience in public and private school settings in NYC in addition to homeschooling my children the last 7 years. I love helping families to find what works best for their family in a home education environment. Homeschooling is limitless and your children and family can learn and grow together in whatever configuration you can imagine. I would be honored to help your family on that journey.

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