Do you NEED a chicken? by Aria

Are you a kid?

Do you like fun?

Do you like animals that are loyal, playful and like to watch your favorite shows with you? Of course you do!

I like to watch The Next Step about dance with mine.

Then, you NEED a chicken.

You can here me explain why you need a chicken here

All kids need a chicken. They are great loyal pets and they are SO adorable.

Chickens will keep you company and they’re fun. In warm weather, I love to go down the slide with mine. I just put one on my lap and we ride down together. They love the breeze. If you have a small baby slide that isn’t too steep then you can help them go down themselves. They’ll play with you in the grass or perch on your shoulder while you read them a book.

Sledding in winter is awesome

In the winter time, you can take your chicken sledding on a baby/toddler sled. Chickens only like to sled on flat surfaces. Do not take them down a hill which can be dangerous. Just make sure that you go very slowly and then get them warm right after. If it’s too cold to play outside, they can join you as you watch a family movie or make your favorite show even better.


Hey, this is my coop!

A coop and a run (which can be store bought or make it yourself), chicken and chick feed, perches for sleeping (you can use found sticks), food and water dishes, pine shavings for the bottom of the coop, and a heat plate

Many people think you should use a heat lamp but they can be dangerous and set your house on fire. I don’t like them and use a heat plate to incubate my chicks.


Italian Bees by Aria

Surrounded by new friends: Italian Bees

Did you know that NOT all bees sting? That’s because not all bees have stingers, like the Italian Bee.

A beekeeper friend found this nest of Italian Bees for my family to care for.

Did you know that bees have nationalities just like people? So guess where the Italian Bee is from? Nope, not Canada, duh. Italy but has been living in the United States since WW2.

Italian honeybees are gentle, calm bees and very adaptable. However, they do best in warmer climates and can sometimes overproduce and not have enough honey and pollen to last a long winter.

Interesting honeybee facts:

Honeybees are huge pollinators and help plants grow flowers, fruits and vegetables. We need bees to survive and have healthy food.

There are three types of bees: the queen, the workers and the drones. There is only one queen and the others are there to serve her. Her main job is to lay eggs to create the next generation of bees. Worker bees are always female and always working. They clean and protect the hive, build and rebuild the hive, forage for pollen and nectar and make sure everything gets done. The drones are the males and their job is to mate with the queen during spring and summer.

Italian Bees: the gentler, kinder bee

You can listen to me talk about Italian Bees here:

No Stingers!

Eastern Grey Kangaroos by Isabella

Eastern Grey kangaroos are found on the eastern side of Australia. They are marsupials which means that they carry their young in their pouch. A bunch of kangaroos together is called a mob. They are really adaptable and love eating grass.

A lot of people say there are too many of them but I disagree.

The Eastern Grey Kangaroo is also be called “Macropus giganteus” which means gigantic or large foot. When Sheilas are close to males, the males will fight for attention. The males use their strong tails to balance and their big feet to kick the other male.

The female Greys take care of the babies, also known as joeys. Joeys are born the size of jelly beans. Sometimes they can be looking after three joey all at once. The Joey has to climb it’s mother’s belly.    

Family Name :


Fun Facts:

Life span: 10 years 

Speed: 35 miles an hour 

They can jump 25 feet

Girl kangaroos are called sheilas

The Author

The Wolf Eel by Isabella

The author

Wolf eels live in the Northern Pacific ocean near rocky reefs and kelp forests. They eat sea urchins and crabs. A male and female wolf eel are very loyal and stay together for a long time. They like to spend their days in little spaces.

                      Family Name:


You can watch a really cool video of the life cycle of the Wolf Eel by Peter Kragh here:


                       Fun Facts

  •  Length: 7 feet
  • They lay up to 10,000 eggs
  •  Weight: 40 pounds
  •  The wolf eel is called an eel because it is long but it is actually a fish.


How to Zig-Zag on a Skateboard by Aria

Do you want to learn how to ride your skateboard in a zig-zag?

Do you want to be able to control the direction your skateboard is traveling in?

Great! I love to zig-zag down the street on my skateboard.

Supplies: Skateboard, helmet

Optional: Knee, elbow and wrist pads

Procedure: You can start here by reading the steps and then watching my, “How to Zig-Zag” video. If you are a little bit unsure, then rewatch, “How to Ride a Skateboard” and “How to Stop on a Skateboard.”

You can watch me explain and ride my skateboard in a zig-zag

First step, get on your board as you normally would. Line up your foot along with the four front and rear screws on the top of the board.

After that, once you are on your board, use your back leg to push off begin to ride forward. Bring both feet onto the board and then move your toes to move forward on the board. They should be hanging just off the board.

Next, move your toes by either bending your knees and shifting or with a little jump like I do to move back to your heels. Your heels should now be lined up together and slightly off of your board.

Alternating between your toes and your heels is what will propel you into a zig zag motion or let you move from one side of the street to the other.

You’re ready to ride!!


How to Jump Across A Stream by Mateo

One of my favorite places to jump

Want to learn to jump further?

The first step is to believe in yourself and tell yourself that you can do it.

You have to be BRAVE and force yourself to move forward.

Push yourself that extra little bit and then your body will move further through space. That’s how I learned to jump.

Jump every day. If you can’t jump every day, do it when you can. You can jump over recycling bins, over puddles and then streams and over logs.

I made you two videos to demonstrate. I hope you like them.

What do you love to try and get better at?


How to Make Slime by Aria

Want to learn how to make slime?

Of course you do! It’s easy, fun and relaxing. Many parents hate slime but they get over it pretty quickly.

Ingredients: Glue, your choice of activator (I am using a mixture of baking soda and contact lens solution), plastic or other type of cup, popsicle stick or other mixing utensil

You can use any type of glue like sparkly or glittery. I’m using white and clear glue because it stretches the furthest.


First step, pour glue into your container. After that, add drops of activator. You can make your own activator or use store bought. Stir the activator and glue mix with your popsicle stick until it stops sticking to the sides of the cup. Then, you can take it out and just keep playing with it and stretching it out until it is fully formed. If you are making your slime outside in the winter, be aware that slime doesn’t stretch as far in the cold.

Watch me make slime!

Watch this to learn how to make slime!!

How to Build a Bird Feeder By Aria

Start with a pine cone

Winter is the perfect time to build a bird feeder. Birds will flock to your feeder since seeds in the wild are harder to find.

What You Will Need:

Pinecones, string/yarn or twine, sun butter or a nut butter, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, a teaspoon, parchment paper and baking sheet


First Step is to find a pinecone. Once you have a nicely sized pinecone you can take it home for one of your parents to help you prepare it. Place the pinecone/s on parchment paper and bake on a baking sheet for 30 minutes at 250-300 degrees. Baking the pinecone, opens up all of the petals and removes all of the waxy gunk inside of it. It also makes your house smell really good.

Tie your string around the top of the pinecone BEFORE adding sunbutter. I learned this the way you think I did.

Next, take your teaspoon and use it to clump sunbutter all over the pinecone.

“It doesn’t need to be perfect. When it’s not perfect that means it’s unique. It’s better to be unique”

Now, it’s time to choose a place to hang your bird feeder. I hung mine outside my bedroom window so that I can watch the birds from my window.

This is how I clump on a lot of seeds.


How To Do The Coffee Grinder by Mateo

Do you like to dance??

Dancing on the mountaintop

I LOVE to dance!! You can see some of my dance videos here: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJKCqvEg/

Of course you do! How do I know that?

Am I psychic? Maybe! Ha, kidding. I’m not. Everyone likes to dance. Duh!

So you already like to dance and that’s the first step to doing the coffee grinder. The second step is to watch both of my dance videos. In the first video, I will show you the “what” of the coffee grinder and show you just how cool this dance move is and no you won’t have to touch your mom’s coffee. In the second video, I’m going to break down the moves one by one that make up the coffee grinder. Have fun!!

What is The Coffee Grinder?

“What” is the Coffee Grinder?

How to Do The Coffee Grinder

How To Do The Coffee Grinder

How to Stop on a Skateboard by Aria

You are awesome!! You are flying and doing great but now comes the next step…


First step, get back on your board and glide along until you want to stop. Balance on your front leg. Keep your front leg on the top 4 screws of the board and foot pointing straight ahead.

Lift your back leg as though you are about to kick off except this time drag your foot lightly. Then bend your front leg slightly and drop your back foot flat onto the ground. Great job. Whether you got it on your first or 51st try, it doesn’t matter. Just keep trying and you will eventually get it.

The author relaxing

How to Ride a Skateboard by Aria

Want to learn to ride a skateboard? Of course you do. Follow these steps for a fun and fast ride and you’ll be skating away in no time.

What you’ll need: a skateboard and a helmet

First, stand with one foot on the ground and one foot on the four front screws with feet pointing forward.

Then, use standing leg to push off repeatedly a couple of times. Then, place back leg on the back four screws of the skateboard.

After that, pivot on the balls of your feet so that both feet are now at a 90 degree angle (think of the letter L) from the board.

Finally, let yourself ride!

Fun Fall Alternative: Leaf and Grass Skateboarding


Meet the Hamsters! by Isabella

Isabella has two hamsters she had gotten for her birthday. Her littler sister then got Buttercream for her birthday.


-They nibble gently on your fingers.

-Sometimes you can see their cute little mouths as they’re nibbling.

-They have the cutest little smushed ears.


-Rubbing their fur on your cheek is like the coziest blanket on Earth.

-They make the CUTEST nibbling sounds when eating which you can listen to here:

Check out this super cute hamster and his chewing noises:

Fun Facts:

-Hamsters are nocturnal.

-Two male hamsters cannot be in the same cage or they will kill each other. They may be cute but they can be ferocious.

The author in her yard

How to do a Cartwheel by Isabella

Have you always wanted to do a cartwheel?

Did you know that everyone has a hard time doing a cartwheel in the beginning?

Here are the steps that I follow when doing a cartwheel. (Remember, to keep practicing. You can do it! )

Begin with a warmup.

Now you are ready to do a cartwheel!

The Cartwheel

First, stand up straight, feet together and hands by your sides. Then, step forward on one leg into airplane position while lifting your back leg. Stomp your back foot while lifting your front foot into the air.

After that, stomp your front foot forward while leaning into a lunge position with arms straight up above your head.

Finally, lean towards your most comfortable side and kick your legs up and over.

You did a CARTWHEEL!!

Air Tip: Bend your knees slightly like you are riding a bike (even one with training wheels.) Only bend your knees until you can straighten your legs.

Remember to use the same leg as the side you’re most comfortable with,

Most Important: No-one gets it on their first try. Keep trying if you don’t get it on your first time. Try to keep practicing.