How to Ride a Skateboard by Aria

Want to learn to ride a skateboard? Of course you do. Follow these steps for a fun and fast ride and you’ll be skating away in no time.

What you’ll need: a skateboard and a helmet

First, stand with one foot on the ground and one foot on the four front screws with feet pointing forward.

Then, use standing leg to push off repeatedly a couple of times. Then, place back leg on the back four screws of the skateboard.

After that, pivot on the balls of your feet so that both feet are now at a 90 degree angle (think of the letter L) from the board.

Finally, let yourself ride!

Fun Fall Alternative: Leaf and Grass Skateboarding

Meet the Hamsters! by Isabella

Isabella has two hamsters she had gotten for her birthday. Her littler sister then got Buttercream for her birthday.


-They nibble gently on your fingers.

-Sometimes you can see their cute little mouths as they’re nibbling.

-They have the cutest little smushed ears.


-Rubbing their fur on your cheek is like the coziest blanket on Earth.

-They make the CUTEST nibbling sounds when eating which you can listen to here:

Check out this super cute hamster and his chewing noises:

Fun Facts:

-Hamsters are nocturnal.

-Two male hamsters cannot be in the same cage or they will kill each other. They may be cute but they can be ferocious.

The author in her yard

Rocks, Rock! By Mateo and Aria

We are standing on basalt rock that formed millions of years ago from a volcanic explosion!!

Do you like cliffs? How about mountains?

These basalt rock cliffs formed before we were born, before my grandparents were born and even a couple of million years before George Washington was born to form the cliffs we are standing on right now.

We are standing in cliffs in Northern NJ that are made of basalt and make up Mills Reservation. Hundreds of millions of years ago, before the ice age, a volcano exploded in what is now Newark and the lava cooled, forming basalt rock and these cliffs.

We found rocks other than basalt that most likely flowed into the area during the ice age. We are walking along the same rocks that Mastodons walked along during the ice age.

How to do a Cartwheel by Isabella

Have you always wanted to do a cartwheel?

Did you know that everyone has a hard time doing a cartwheel in the beginning?

Here are the steps that I follow when doing a cartwheel. (Remember, to keep practicing. You can do it! )

Begin with a warmup.

Now you are ready to do a cartwheel!

The Cartwheel

First, stand up straight, feet together and hands by your sides. Then, step forward on one leg into airplane position while lifting your back leg. Stomp your back foot while lifting your front foot into the air.

After that, stomp your front foot forward while leaning into a lunge position with arms straight up above your head.

Finally, lean towards your most comfortable side and kick your legs up and over.

You did a CARTWHEEL!!

Air Tip: Bend your knees slightly like you are riding a bike (even one with training wheels.) Only bend your knees until you can straighten your legs.

Remember to use the same leg as the side you’re most comfortable with,

Most Important: No-one gets it on their first try. Keep trying if you don’t get it on your first time. Try to keep practicing.