Meet the Writers

Hi! My name is Isabella and I am nine years old. I love to skateboard, do gymnastics, cook and read. I have two younger siblings and three hamsters. My mom is from Brazil and my dad is from Poland. I am from New Jersey.

Favorite Food: Chicken Parm

Favorite Dessert: Apple Cider Vanilla Float (My own creation)

Favorite Drink: Lemonade Bubbly Tea (My own creation)

Interesting Fact: I once saw a Buck’s knee joint popping through the skin while at a friend’s house.

Meet Mateo!

Hi! My name is Mateo and I’m nine years old. I love to jump, spend time with my dog, read, skateboard, play Pokemon Go, mountain bike and run. I love everything nature.

Favorite Food: Pickles!! I even drink the pickle juice.

Hi! I’m Aria and I’m nine years old. I live in New Jersey with my four younger siblings, chickens, two puppies, fish and snails. I love rock climbing, skateboarding, gymnastics, nature, animals and hiking.

Interesting Fact:

I started my first business at six years old making and selling bathbombs. I’m working on an “Awesome Animals” business with my best friend Isabella.

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