Do you NEED a chicken? by Aria

Are you a kid? Do you like fun? Do you like animals that are loyal, playful and like to watch your favorite shows with you? Of course you do! I like to watch The Next Step about dance with mine. Then, you NEED a chicken. All kids need a chicken. They are great loyal petsContinue reading “Do you NEED a chicken? by Aria”

How to Jump Across A Stream by Mateo

Want to learn to jump further? The first step is to believe in yourself and tell yourself that you can do it. You have to be BRAVE and force yourself to move forward. Push yourself that extra little bit and then your body will move further through space. That’s how I learned to jump. JumpContinue reading “How to Jump Across A Stream by Mateo”

How to Make Slime by Aria

Want to learn how to make slime? Of course you do! It’s easy, fun and relaxing. Many parents hate slime but they get over it pretty quickly. Ingredients: Glue, your choice of activator (I am using a mixture of baking soda and contact lens solution), plastic or other type of cup, popsicle stick or otherContinue reading “How to Make Slime by Aria”

How to Build a Bird Feeder By Aria

Winter is the perfect time to build a bird feeder. Birds will flock to your feeder since seeds in the wild are harder to find. What You Will Need: Pinecones, string/yarn or twine, sun butter or a nut butter, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, a teaspoon, parchment paper and baking sheet Procedure: First Step is toContinue reading “How to Build a Bird Feeder By Aria”

How to Stop on a Skateboard by Aria

You are awesome!! You are flying and doing great but now comes the next step… STOPPING! First step, get back on your board and glide along until you want to stop. Balance on your front leg. Keep your front leg on the top 4 screws of the board and foot pointing straight ahead. Lift yourContinue reading “How to Stop on a Skateboard by Aria”

How to Ride a Skateboard by Aria

Want to learn to ride a skateboard? Of course you do. Follow these steps for a fun and fast ride and you’ll be skating away in no time. What you’ll need: a skateboard and a helmet First, stand with one foot on the ground and one foot on the four front screws with feet pointingContinue reading “How to Ride a Skateboard by Aria”