How to Zig-Zag on a Skateboard by Aria

Do you want to learn how to ride your skateboard in a zig-zag? Do you want to be able to control the direction your skateboard is traveling in? Great! I love to zig-zag down the street on my skateboard. Supplies: Skateboard, helmet Optional: Knee, elbow and wrist pads Procedure: You can start here by readingContinue reading “How to Zig-Zag on a Skateboard by Aria”

How to Stop on a Skateboard by Aria

You are awesome!! You are flying and doing great but now comes the next step… STOPPING! First step, get back on your board and glide along until you want to stop. Balance on your front leg. Keep your front leg on the top 4 screws of the board and foot pointing straight ahead. Lift yourContinue reading “How to Stop on a Skateboard by Aria”